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Looking for a fun side kick? A way to earn some extra money? Or are you up for a fulltime job?
Become a Jobner! Decide when, where and how much you want to work. Earn between 17,50 to 25
euros per hour, get paid within 3 working days, and gain lots of working experience.
As a Jobner YOU are your own boss and in charge of your own working life!

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Blije jonge dame met haar handen in de lucht als peace teken. Afbeelding is puur decoratief.

What is Jobner?

Jobner is an online gig platform in the Netherlands. At a national level, we bring freelancers and businesses together through an easy-to-use platform. This way, you can quickly find fun jobs and work for awesome companies in various industries.

  • Earn a minimum of 17,50 euros per hour excl. VAT
  • Decide where, when, how much and with whom you want to work
  • No VAT-number required
  • Get paid within 3 working days
  • Automatically insured for accidents, business liability
    and temporary disability
  • Using our platform is completely free of charge
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Our customers

Become a freelancer

Do you want to discover what it’s like to be your own boss? Do you want to taste the freedom and flexibility, but at the same time experience all the responsibilities that come with it? Then become a freelancer and discover life as your own boss!

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Work as a verloner

Do you want to experience the flexibility and freedom of freelancing, but are you not really looking forward to the administrative obligations that come with it? Then get started as a verloner. Become your own boss and outsource your administration!

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How it works

Visualisatie van de Jobner app waarbij het profiel van een freelancer te zien is op een telefoon met daarachter een afbeelding van een bar/restaurant.
Step 1

Sign up and create a profile
Fill out your details, add your working experience and complete your profile with a nice photo of yourself.

Step 2

Explore the jobs and apply
Did you find a job that suits you? Apply immediately, chat with the client and negotiate the hourly rate.

Stap 3

Complete the job and get paid quickly!
Receive and send reviews after each job, declare your hours, and get paid within 3 working days. Do everything through the app!

Download Jobner & kickstart your career!